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11 July

The Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Analytics Cloud

Come and learn how SAP Analytics Cloud is setting a new standard for Financial Planning & Analysis by combining business intelligence and planning, together in the cloud.

See how you can use SAP Analytics Cloud to reduce your reporting cycle, save costs and empower your team to make data-driven decisions faster and with more confidence.

Join us now to learn about your company's path to the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Date: Thursday 11th July 2019
Time: 09:30 - 12:30 GMT
Location: The Gridiron, Once Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AG


Past Events

13 Mar

Turbo Charge Business Planning with SAP BPC Embedded

Are you ready to turn your data into your biggest strategic asset?

Date: 13th March 2019
Time: 09:30 - 12:30 GMT

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12 Oct

ICAEW CFO Conference 2017: A world of strong economies – strategies for the CFO to navigate a new era

EOH UK was one of the sponsors at ICAEW’s CFO Conference 2017. The event took place on October 12th at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall and we hosted a breakfast session to discuss how cloud adoption can empower the modern finance function, build board credibility and your career.


70% of CEOs from top-performing companies told KPMG that leveraging cloud-based ERP and emerging reporting technologies will have the greatest effect on the future role of the CFO. Yet this research also revealed that barely half of CFOs are doing a good job of exploring and implementing innovative technology. This session gives practical examples of how the move to the cloud has helped CFOs to transform the quality and speed of decision making, improve staff recruitment and retention and increased their own value internally and externally.


Mark Noone, Head of Sales UK & Ireland, EOH

Rupert Madath, Delivery Services Director, EOH

15 Sept

For decades, ERP systems have been making life easier for large-company finance teams. Now SMEs can profit too.

Join EOH UK for our webinar:

‘How CFOs Can Benefit From ERP’

Date: 15th September 2017
Time: 15:00 BST

From reducing reporting cycles and simplifying consolidation, to improving traceability and unifying disconnected systems, ERP systems have been helping CFOs transform the finance department for nearly 40 years.

In the past, cost and complexity have kept many SMEs away. But cloud technology is quietly beginning to make ERP accessible to all.

EOH UK is an expert at helping CFOs at mid-sized companies successfully implement ERP. Let us show you the real value of moving finance to the cloud.

21 June

Webinar: Introducing Cloud for Analytics

SAP Cloud for Analytics is a new, single experience for decision making where you can discover, visualise, plan and predict, all in one place. Whether you are in front of the customer or in the boardroom, give everybody the power to find new insights and take action.

Join us for this 45 webinar where we will address questions around how SAP Cloud for Analytics integrates with your on-premise solutions and other cloud solutions to provide consistency and increase productivity. Also we'll explore the Licensing model, typical use cases, SAP's Roadmap for SAP Cloud for Analytics and a short info session on deploying Digital Boardroom in your organisation.

12 Feb

EOH UK (Rinedata) Seminar: The Role of Technology to Execute Strategy

Is your finger on the pulse? Do you understand what the role of technology is in your business strategy?

Join us for this event. You'll be able to listen, learn and network with industry leaders.

Take part in the panel discussion and pose your questions to industry experts

View technology that will help you transform your business - attend breakout sessions:

  • Digital Transformation in the Boardroom – Increase the digestibility of your board packs
  • Innovations in Financial Planning and Analysis – Increase the predictability in your planning process
  • Governance Risk and Compliance – Get Insights and act on emerging risks and opportunities
  • Meet the experts - Have your questions answered by Rinedata and SAP
30 Nov

Webinar: Business Intelligence: The antidote to Analysis Paralysis.

Reporting and analysis is a challenge for many organisations. Research has shown that only 1 in 5 managers believe they have the right information to perform their job effectively. This is ironic given the fact that more business data is being collected than ever before.

Join us for this 45 webinar where will explore how Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics can help you unlock the real power of the data you already have and more importantly, put this into the hands of the business user.