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EOH UK wins CCH Tagetik UK Partner of the Year Award 2017

EOH UK, a leading provider of services and technology solutions for the office of finance, today proudly announced winning CCH Tagetik Best UK Partner of the Year Award 2017. The Country Awards were revealed on May 22nd, at CCH Tagetik Partner Summit, an exclusive event leading up to CCH Tagetik 10 th Annual Global Customer Conference.

EOH UK was honoured among a global field of top CCH Tagetik partners for demonstrating excellence in driving transformation though the adoption of customer solutions based on CCH Tagetik technology. Working as CCH Tagetik’s implementation partner, EOH UK has successfully delivered over 70 distinct solutions for more than 40 finance teams - helping them to build and drive value from a wide range of applications.

“We are very proud to be 2017 CCH Tagetik Best UK Partner,” says Rupert Madath, Director of Delivery Services, EOH UK. “This award validates our outstanding track record in adding value to both our customers and partners by delivering sophisticated and adaptable solutions. When we introduce CCH Tagetik to solve a specific EPM issue, it is often a light bulb moment for our customers. Very quickly they see the potential of the software to tackle other efficiency, process or compliance issues - either with our help or often by themselves,” continues Madath.

“For the past nine years, CCH Tagetik and EOH UK have worked together to fill the growing need to integrate collaborative technologies into Performance Management and Business Intelligence processes and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership in months to come,” states Bani Brandolini, VP Channel, CCH Tagetik.

“For its proven leadership in successfully bringing the wide range of CCH Tagetik applications to the market, CCH Tagetik is proud to recognise EOH UK as the most valuable partner to our UK field and we are very excited to acknowledge the company with the Best UK Partner of the Year Award,” says Nick Nesbitt, Managing Director, CCH Tagetik.

About CCH Tagetik Country Awards

The CCH Tagetik Country Awards is an exclusive event for CCH Tagetik Partners and CCH Tagetik Operations bringing the best Sales, Alliance Managers, Consulting and Technology Professionals in the CCH Tagetik ecosystem together with the CCH Tagetik Management Team and product experts. Its aim is to drive continued success and growth in the CCH Tagetik partner community.

About EOH UK

Founded in 1996 EOH UK has been making a tangible difference to finance functions for decades. We build trusted relationships by bolting our deep business know and proven technology capabilities to our collaborative leadership values. At the heart of our success is the recognition that building trust with our clients is critical. We go to extraordinary lengths to understand the full picture, from current challenges to future goals whilst inspiring our clients to become more visionary across their system landscape.

Breaking away from legacy systems and streamlining processes is a bold and increasingly necessary step. Choosing EOH UK ensures you have a partner with you every step of that journey.

Together we deliver the optimum technology solution – grounded in pragmatism but always with an eye on innovation. The result? A faster, leaner, smarter solution delivering returns as well as improved business performance.

"Technology makes it possible, people make it happen".