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EOH joins forces with Allos Group

London, 16 th November 2017 – EOH, a leading provider of services and technology solutions for the office of finance, is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Allos Group, a global provider of SAP®’s cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution: SuccessFactors™. One of the few companies implementing extensions for SuccessFactors™ based on SAP® HANA Cloud™, Allos Group has executed over 160 implementations in five continents. It has been awarded numerous awards by SAP for its focus and traction with its cloud technology.

The acquisition brings together the strengths of EOH and Allos Group by leveraging EOH’s business- critical HCM consulting, technology and outsourcing model and Allos Group’s three decades of experience in leveraging on SAP® to empower the best SAP® SuccessFactors™ HR scenarios.

In 2017, Allos released Talento, a Talent Management suite powered by SAP® SuccessFactors™. For Small and Medium Enterprises with a user base of between 300 and 3,000 employees, implementing SuccessFactors™ can pose a challenge, from licenses to implementation, training, configuration and e-learning content loading. Talento is a quicker, smarter way of putting SuccessFactors™ in place without a huge upfront investment. Talento is the only service to have been featured at the SAP FKOM conference in January 2017, in front of 8,000 SAP managers and partners. Later in the year Talento also received a SAP® Quality Award in the Fast Delivery Implementation category for its innovative approach to rolling out SuccessFactors™.

“We were immediately drawn to EOH. They share our passion for human capital innovation and adding value to customers by helping them get better results from having better people,” said Rosario Troise, CEO, Allos Group. “EOH’s technology, expertise, organisational and knowledge transfer skills will be critical to ensuring our customers’ people and businesses are aligned to one single vision of success,” added Troise.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Allos Group. Cloud is key to the growth and reach of EOH International. I am in no doubt that Allos Group will strengthen our HCM offering,” said Kirit Patel, Regional Managing Director (UK & Europe), EOH International. “Allos Group helps HR to empower and adding their proven HCM capabilities to our ecosystem will help us prepare for future evolution in the field of HR,” concluded Patel.

About Allos Group
Headquartered in Italy and founded in 1982, Allos Group is a multi-national organisation specialising in Human Resources Development and Innovation in several market verticals such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail and fashion. The company’s services include consulting, business execution, custom e-learning content, decision automation (Big Data), change management and communication. The company grew significantly in the last few years also thanks to its global expansion. Allos opened its South African office in 2004 where it currently provides specialist HCM services to several blue-chip organisations. Allos Group continued its global expansion by opening Allos America in Miami in 2011.

About EOH
EOH provides the technology, knowledge, skills and organisational ability critical to the development and growth of the societies it serves. EOH strives to be an ethical, relevant force for good and to play a positive role in its society, beyond normal business. EOH represents deep industry skills and has the critical global presence that gives it the unique ability to meet the needs of developing countries. The EOH unique value propositions provided to customers include numerous adjacent technologies and solutions in strategic industry and offerings domains.

With a clear growth strategy of international expansion and global thought leadership through industry innovation, the services EOH offers supporting SAP solutions focus on ecosystems of collaboration for problem-solving. EOH employs the EOH “SMART concept” to bridge the gap between strategy and execution implementation with technology as an enabler. Focus areas address infrastructure spend, the Internet of Things, cloud “everything as a service” and mobile solutions, supporting the EOH vision of providing solutions for a developing world.